Genesis Systems water hyper phasing™ technology is highest freshwater output system with the lowest electric energy use in the world. Many atmospheric water extraction technologies claim high output water, but only Genesis provides you side-by-side comparisons to our validated and patented tech. 

View Side-by-side industry Comparisons (pdf)

Genesis Systems water generation system are rated to provide more than 20 years of continuous reliable operations and are built rugged for the military to withstand the world’s toughest environments.

Genesis world-class advantages

  • Unmatched mass water production with no upper limits (>340,000 liters day) 
  • More than 70-80 percent energy efficient than any other validated systems or tech 
  • Generates water at a lower humidity than any other technology 
  • No external infrastructure required (Genesis Systems have built in power supply) 
  • Ability to provide surplus electricity (on or off grid) to homes or industry 
  • Easy to operate and maintain (few moving parts) 
  • Low cost maintenance 
  • Provides 20 years or more of continuous operations 
  • Containerized (easy to ship and on site set up) 
  • Rapid fielding capabilities (as little as 6 months from order to full operations) 
  • World-class on site and local tech support by SIEMENS®  
  • Remote monitoring, analytics, and security provided by Bit-Box and Google®
  • Remineralization and filtration customized to end-user water or agricultural specifications (in accordance w/national standards) 
  • Cost of water: as little as quarter cent per liter or less than a cent per gallon  (USD as of 2020)